How To Stay Awake On The Road

a person driving a car

The importance of staying awake on the road can’t be understated. It’s just as important as every driver having car insurance. Sometimes, life circumstances force us to undertake long journeys down endless highways. Staying awake during these trips can be tough. There’s just something so innately relaxing about driving after a while. It almost lulls you into this meditative state, where you end up being relaxed and on the verge of falling asleep. So, how do you keep those zzz’s at bay, and remain alert while on the road? Let’s take a look at the best way to stay awake when you drive for long periods of time. If you follow all of these tips, you might not end up having to rely on your car insurance to get you out of a pinch after getting in a car accident!

Don’t drink any alcohol before or while you’re traveling.

The importance of zero alcohol consumption while traveling can’t be emphasized enough. Even the smallest amount of alcohol can lead to fatigue and general drowsiness. You might think that having that beer when your pit stop for lunch was okay, but it can end up being hugely detrimental to your ability to stay awake as the hours on the road continue. Or, if you think you’re all good to have some drinks the night before you wake up to travel the next morning, you’re in for a rude awakening. When you sleep after consuming alcohol, your body doesn’t have as much of a chance at entering the crucial REM sleep cycle. Without that REM sleep, your energy level is compromised, and your overall health will suffer as a result.

Keep the driver and rear windows open.

It’s remarkable what a little fresh airflow can accomplish when it comes to offsetting the fatigue you inevitably endure while you travel. Just a quick blast of cold air can work wonders for revitalizing your body and keeping those youthful levels of energy going.

Occupy your mind with a task.

The brain enjoys having something to chew on. This can be something as simple as a continual game of “I Spy”, or maybe making phone calls (using the speakerphone!) to have conversations that keep you perked up and ready to roll as the mileage from your day of travel continues to accumulate. You can also consider listening to an engaging audiobook or podcast to keep you interested and wide awake.

Exercise whenever you take your breaks.

Whenever you decide to take your pit stops, you should try and get a workout in. Not only will the workouts keep you feeling fresh, but these can stack up, and actually translate to measurable positive side effects like lower blood pressure, sustained immunity, and even that long-sought-after increase in muscle mass. Who wouldn’t want to come off a long stint on the road looking like they’ve been hitting the gym regularly? Plus, your metabolism will increase as a result of those workouts. You might even have friends asking you someday down the road, how you achieved that noticeable fat loss. Turns out that long stints on the road are great for weight loss!

Take some power naps.

It really does seem like power naps are the key to a happier and more peaceful life. It’s this clutch chance to hit the reset button, and organically boost your mood through achieving those desirable youthful energy levels that always come from a solid nap. The human body just gets happier when it has the chance to catch some time-efficient snoozes in a safe manner. Just make sure you scope out safe spots to take these naps so that you can preserve your peace of mind when you rest those weary eyes.

Cut out the unhealthy snacks.

While you might get a nice rush off a sugary snack, you’re ultimately setting yourself up for a whole lot more fatigue when you inevitably crash later on. Instead, swap the sugary treats and carbs for healthy snacks like bananas and trail mix. Those healthy alternatives will provide you energy for a much longer period of time. They’ll also fuel that lean muscle mass you’ll be getting with the roadside workouts.

Prep your body by taking a Human Growth Hormone supplement.

None of us are getting any younger — we’re not teen drivers anymore. As every day passes by the youthful energy level that we once had, dwindles away due to the aging process. Before we know it we’re all craving the days when our bodies used to naturally pump out the energy-inducing human growth hormone. Well, the good news is that we have supplements that can help reignite the HGH production, like genf20 plus. This particular human growth hormone supplement works by releasing your body’s own hormone, just like your thyroid gland would do. They come in tablet form and can really have an impact on your physical stamina when it comes to driving your own car cross country or beyond. With that release comes a surge in energy levels, and a reassuring feeling that the whole old age thing doesn’t have to mean being sleepy all the time. You can imagine how this supplement could then play a vital role in prepping your body for long, energy-draining stints on the road!