What To Do About An Unreliable Vehicle

a car tire on the ground

Cars, trucks, and SUV’s are a part of life. For most people and their families having a means of transportation allows them to keep their daily activities such as work, school, and errands flowing. Often though, whether we’ve prepared for it or not, kinks and issues arise to throw us off course and leave us needing to reassess our situation. Car trouble is one of those kinks.

Car issues are a part of life for a vehicle owner. Whether you drive your car daily or are one of the many remote workers who use their vehicle for family needs, being prepared for worst-case scenarios is a must. Unfortunately, we don’t always think about what to do in the event our automobile becomes unreliable. Here are a few tips on how to handle the situation and come out on top.

Roadside assistance is something everyone needs at some point.


If you’ve never needed to call a tow truck, consider yourself lucky. Most vehicle owners have found themselves in need of roadside assistance during their driving years. Whether it’s a flat tire and you don’t have a spare, or major mechanical issues, having the phone number of a local tow company handy will get you off the side of the road quickly so you can get your car looked at as soon as possible.

Tow fees can be quite expensive. This is especially true if you’re dealing with a car that has a reputation for breaking down. Perhaps you’ve asked yourself, how to get my car towed for free? That answer is easy. Many insurance companies offer roadside assistance as part of their policies. When choosing an insurance company for your driving needs, ask about this policy and be ahead of the game in case something goes wrong while you’re out on the road.

Moving to a new area means making new contacts for your vehicle’s needs.


Moving brings on a lot of responsibility. Learning about the job market, cost of living and property values are only a few of the things you’ll find yourself learning in a new area. You must also choose new local mechanics and tow companies to help with your vehicle when needed.

Connecting with new local companies can be difficult. For example, if you’re moving to Tulsa, you may not know many people in the area. Checking in with AAA or friendly locals on the best people to trust with your vehicle is a smart move. Especially, if your vehicle has a tendency to give you issues. Preparing for these instances quickly will ensure you stay on the road whenever life calls for it.

If your vehicle is unreliable, maybe a new car is the next step.


The idea of purchasing a new car may seem a bit frightening, but in reality, it isn’t. Whether you live in a big city like Tulsa or a small, rural town, having a reliable means of transportation simply makes life easier. If you’re a motorist who’s exhausted all their patience and money on a car in need of replacing, visiting your local car dealerships may be your answer.

Purchasing a new or used vehicle can bring a lot of unnecessary stress into your life. Yes, the process may be exhausting but by finding the right dealership, you may easily find the car of your dreams without all the unnecessary hassle. Be upfront with any salesperson you speak to and lay your cards on the table. Tell them what you’re in the market for and ask questions about what they offer. You may find yourself on the receiving end of great deals and extras like free roadside assistance and a good warranty.

If an unreliable vehicle has left you stranded and in need of help more than once, the time has come to put an end to your issues. Choose the best roadside assistance plan possible, connect with a great mechanic, and keep your mind open to the possibility of purchasing a new car. This will make driving fun again and take away all the stress and aggravation you’ve been dealing with.