How to Spruce Up a Knockdown Rebuild

a kitchen with black counter tops

You can’t save every house. There may be times when you flip a home that needs a complete rebuild – you need to bring in a demolition crew and start over. This might hurt your finances in the short run, you buy can drum up interest in buyers who want new homes.

Work closely with your builder to keep your construction costs low while profiting off your complete rebuild.

Make the rooms seem bigger.

One of the best ways to drive interest in a property is to make it seem like a steal. You want buyers to think they are getting more for what they are paying for. You can do this by designing rooms to make them seem bigger.

In some cases, this might include adding a king mattress to the master bedroom, which conveys a sense of luxury. This could also mean getting creative with interior design by adding mirrors that expand the space. Even the paint colors and styles you choose can impact how customers perceive a room.

Work with your builder to make each bedroom and space within the renovation seem bigger. No one wants to move into a cramped house.

Don’t forget the exterior.

If you recently completed a knockdown rebuild, you need to market the new house to get people excited about it. To do this, create a good first impression that draws people into your open house and makes buyers request showings.

Make sure the fencing around the home is in good condition and is freshly painted. Plant local and durable plants that won’t require a lot of maintenance. You can even invest in outdoor lighting if you want to attract people to the house at night.

These small touches can bring people in. Then it’s up to your realtor to sell them on the property.

Follow local home improvement trends.

If you want to win people over on your knockdown, make sure you offer the must-have accessories and features that everyone wants. For example, the COVID-19 pandemic led to a significant increase in kitchen renovations as more people cooked at home. Kitchen renovations were historically popular even before the pandemic closed down restaurants.

If a buyer is on the fence as to whether or not they are interested in a property, unique features like a quality dishwasher or building designers kitchen can convince them to make an offer.

Bathroom remodels are also popular, so you can work with bathroom designers and suppliers to turn a normal tub and toilet into a relaxing spa experience for future homeowners.

Choose designs that have mass appeal.

Very few flipped homes have bright red walls or carpeted bathrooms. This is because these are niche design choices that can turn off the majority of buyers. If you are looking to spruce up your current project, focus on paint colors and flooring choices that can apples to almost anyone. Invest in automation like programmable thermostats over niche accessories like wood-fire pizza ovens.

When in doubt, opt for white walls (or at least choose a soft cream). This can make the space look bigger and allow homeowners to paint over the rooms with their preferred colors.

A weird feature can turn off buyers. Make sure that any elements you add to the space increase its value and have mass appeal to anyone who looks at the home.

Small details can win people over to your knockdown. Something basic like a king mattress in the master bedroom or a new dishwasher in the kitchen can convince a buyer that a home has value. Keep these elements in mind as you spruce up your latest flipped property.