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Vacation Rental Planners is a travel gateway for explorers, adventurers, nomads, and those just looking to get away! We offer highly informative and inspirational articles for people who simply love to travel. Our content not only informs, it introduces new destinations and offers fresh insight on the latest travel information. If exploring is your passion, Vacation Rental Planners is the place for you!

Our Writers

Ora Sparks is the Editor-in-Chief of Vacation Rental Planners. She previously worked as a journalist and assistant editor at Wanderlust. She has always been devoted to travel and tourism journalism, and she has previously contributed stories to Inflight Magazine and Coastal Living. Her home base is Miami, Florida, and her favorite destination is Costa Rica.

Austin Wood is our Destinations Editor. He graduated from University of Florida with a degree in media studies. A college study abroad program placed him in Denmark, thus sparking his lifelong love of travel. He has also written articles for various online publications about music, movies, and media. He resides in sunny Los Angeles, and his favorite travel destination is Tokyo.

Kelley Flaming is our Food + Drink Editor. She has both a culinary degree from Johnson and Wales University and a international business degree from Brown University. Kelley worked her way up in the culinary scene of Providence, Rhode Island before embarking on a year long global adventure to Europe and Asia. Kelley now lives in Boston, and her favorite travel destination is the south of France.

Leo Hammond is our News Editor and contributing writer. Leo started out as a reporter and contributing editor for the Las Vegas Review Journal before branching out into online travel publications, such as Jaunted and GoNomad. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada with his two bulldogs. Leo’s favorite travel destination is the beaches of Thailand and Bali.

Jesse Ortega is a writer for Vacation Rental Planners. Jesse originally hails from Mexico City, before moving to the United States to pursue a degree in journalism at the University of California, Santa Cruz. He is an avid solo explorer, van traveler, and surfer. He currently lives in San Diego, California, and his favorite travel destination is Madrid.

Natasha Cobb is our newest staff writer. She grew up in London, England and attended Oxford University. Before attending college, Natasha opted for a gap year, in which she traveled the world with two of her closest friends. This experience set the tone for a life of exploration. She loves to combine her love for adventure and her love for creative writing. She lives in NYC, and her favorite destination is Kenya.

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