Bringing More Zen And Holistic Living Into Your Home

a living room with a large window

Mental health has reached a crisis point as depression and anxiety rates increase, as do suicide rates and hospitalizations for mental health. Current society has failed in helping people feel connected and joyful. The good news is that bringing zen and holistic living into your home is not difficult. It’s not some far-reaching goal that’ll take you years to achieve. You can start with little changes today that will greatly benefit your mental health and outlook on life.

Get back to nature.


People have gotten back to connecting with nature for generations when they’ve wanted a more zen and holistic lifestyle. Hiking, gardening, and spending time outdoors is proven to reduce stress and allow people to feel more connected. Even the simple act of walking barefoot on grass has been proven beneficial for mental health. The world has developed to a hyper-busy pace that causes many to feel disconnected and unable to feel or experience joy. Having an unending to-do list has turned into a social accomplishment. However, many are starting to buck the system. They are refusing to be overloaded with work. Instead, they take a step back and learn to enjoy themselves again through a connection with the outdoors.

One way to connect with nature and bring zen and holistic living into your home and everyday life is to buy a log cabin. A log home will surround you with nature every day. The beauty and rustic feel of the logs creating your dwelling will have a calming and zen-like impact on your mental health. Ashe County Real estate has helped people fulfill their dreams by connecting them with log homes for sale. What many may not realize is that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for a cabin. Many log cabins combine the comfort and luxury of home with the rustic beauty of a cabin. You can still have all the amenities of a modern home while still in a cabin.

Try using CBD.


CBD oils, tinctures, and gummies contain CBD derived from hemp and do not contain THC. CBD has a calming effect on users and has been documented to help with anxiety, lower stress, and reduce pain. For most adults, avoiding all stressful situations is not an option. The key to creating a zen and holistic lifestyle is learning to handle stressful situations healthily. CBD oil is one of the many tools you can use to reduce stress and anxiety in your daily life. Sera Labs has developed a line of CBD products that are all-natural and thoroughly vetted by an independent lab for quality. They also aim to educate those interested by providing extensive information and answering common questions on their website.

Practice positive minimalism.

Minimalism is the conscious act of living with less. As society has grown more chaotic, consumerism has skyrocketed, and people have become highly attached to their possessions and high-end lifestyle. This attachment has caused increased stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders. The attachment to possessions has also led to significant personal debt, financial crisis, clutter, and hoarding. While many many think minimalism is about getting rid of all your stuff. It is actually about learning to live with only the things you love. When you practice minimalism, you look at the possessions filling your life, and you eliminate everything that is not useful or brings you joy.

Learn the art of meditation.

Meditation is an ancient practice that can be found throughout all world civilizations and religions. It’s the art of clearing your mind and making yourself open to the world around you. Meditation allows you to practice mindfulness and stay in the present moment more often. Meditation has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as increase gratitude and contentment. Meditation and minimalism often go hand-in-hand because both practices are focused on centering your life around what is truly important to you, opposed to the perception you want others to have of you or the act of chasing happiness through belongings. People have been drawn into thinking that they’ll be happy once they have the big house or the dream car only to discover that those things do not actually make them feel joy.