5 Home Improvement Ideas to Tackle This Fall

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Changing the feel of your home is something that millions of Americans do every year. According to a Harvard study, more than $400 billion is spent on renovations and remodeling projects every year, so you are certainly not alone in thinking of changing the layout or overall energy of your home this fall.

Many home improvement projects are fairly simple to install and can give you and your family a new feeling on the overall space while maximizing comfort and your home’s resale value at the same time.

Consider adding a built-in bookshelf.


With the coronavirus lockdowns in effect all across the country, we are working from home in larger numbers than ever before. Now is the perfect time to scrap those old bookshelves that have sat in the corners of your backroom for decades. Building a new bookshelf that conforms to the exact specifications of your wall is a great way to make functional use of the space you have while creating a statement piece that can completely transform the energy of your favorite reading spot. For book collectors, this is a great idea that can actually be completed in a weekend or an afternoon for those with preliminary experience in carpentry work.

Get your plumbing system in order for the cold season.

Hiring a plumber to look at your waterways is another important job for the fall season. As the weather begins to cool down, the changes in temperature and humidity can run riot through your plumbing system. Finding professional plumbers is easier than ever and a plumber can solve any difficulties that may be plaguing your overall system and address them quickly and efficiently.

A technician can typically come out to your home on the same or next day and diagnose any trouble areas with a few simple tests. From there you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a top-notch water system from a water heater to showers, a washing machine, and a kitchen sink. There’s nothing worse than a hot water outage, especially during these colder months.

Create an outdoor space to enjoy the fall evenings.

If you haven’t already taken advantage of the outdoor space that your home affords then now is the perfect time to consider making changes beyond your front door or living room. Spending even 20 minutes outside can dramatically improve your heart health and mood, and basking in the sunset and rising view of the night’s stars is the perfect way to usher in the fall season. Look for awnings in Chicago to round out your patio space by placing some rain coverage above your furniture to enjoy the outdoor space whenever you want, no matter the weather. A retractable awning does a great job of providing this protection for your deck. Despite the changing temperatures, pool contractors in Tampa report that the fall is a great time to start making improvements for your outdoor pleasures.

Clean out the garage to make room for the car.

As the chill begins to set in you may want to move your car inside in order to protect it from snow or frigid rainwater. The ability to start the car and set off to work in the mornings without braving the elements outside is a great benefit for homeowners. But too many of us have let our garage space get out of hand. Cleaning out the clutter in your garage is a great home improvement project to tackle in the fall in order to enjoy the freedom it brings after.

Repaint for a new vibe throughout the home.

The living room and kitchen are great places to start when considering a color change throughout your home. These rooms occupy the majority of your time while in your house and will therefore bring you the greatest benefit as you continue to live in the home. Beginning here can transform the feeling you have while relaxing or cooking and this carries over into the other spaces of the house.

Home improvement projects are a staple of American life, so choose your next project carefully in order to bring in some new life to your home and enjoy it throughout the season.