4 Great Ideas to Celebrate Your Birthday Solo

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Another year around the sun often brings up all sorts of emotions. Anxiety about getting another year older, regret for not having accomplished more, nostalgia over time gone by. There is often pressure to organize a big birthday party with friends and family, which can get expensive and stressful to plan. Not to mention, these gatherings aren’t a good idea, or even realistic, in the era of social distancing.

There is also something special about spending a quiet birthday celebrating solo. Sometimes the noise and festivities can make it difficult to truly focus on introspection and spending your birthday how you want. Why not make your next birthday just for you? If you’re wondering how to celebrate your birthday by yourself, here is a bit of inspiration. Whether you go on a solo adventure, fill the day with all of your favorite activities, or indulge in some much-needed self-care, make sure to make this year’s celebration one you won’t forget.

1. Go on a solo adventure.


You might be craving a change of scenery, so why not take yourself on an adventure? There is something about solo exploration that adds to the allure of discovery while helping you become better acquainted with yourself. On your special day, hop in your car and go on a solo road trip. Drive somewhere new or simply set out on the open road with no destination in mind, which is one of the best ways to feel completely and totally free. Cruise along the coast or through a national park. Stop off wherever your heart pleases. Take a hike in the mountains, jump into a lake for a swim, take a break to wine taste at vineyards, stop for a picnic in a sun-soaked meadow. Set up a spot and camp for the night, basking in nature and a night sky heavy with stars.

2. Change your look.

There’s no better time to reinvent yourself with a new style than when you’re turning a year older. Whether you’re looking to change your look for fun, to better reflect your personality, or for a boost of confidence, you can spend your big day shopping to upgrade your wardrobe. Search through some style guides, browse blogs, and make a Pinterest board with inspiration for new clothes. This can help you visualize outfits that fit both your personality and your daily needs so you are intentional about your purchases. You can get a full makeover by getting a new haircut, going to the nail salon, and perusing your favorite shops and thrift stores in search of accessories, dresses, skirts, sweaters, shoes, and any other essentials you might want to add to your wardrobe. Dress up in your new outfit and embrace the new, confident you!

3. Celebration for one.

You might not be able to throw your typical birthday party this year but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time on your own. Use this day to celebrate yourself in the best way possible. Try something new, cross off a bucket list item, and create the ultimate birthday celebration for one. Cook a tasty feast or order your favorite food. Get out your cocktail shaker to create some delicious libations. Make a playlist with your favorite songs and have a dance party. You might even get a bit of creative inspiration and wonder how to make a music video. Turn your solo celebration into an opportunity to create something fun and commemorate your day. Set up your iPhone, practice a routine, explore some special effects, and hit record. The important thing is to let loose, have fun, and welcome in the new year with fresh energy.

4. Have the ultimate self-care day.


Days can blur into weeks and weeks into months before you realize it. Work, household upkeep, and family obligations can quickly fill up your calendar, leaving you with little time for yourself. Your special day is the perfect time to slow down, reflect, and invest in self-care. Make no plans or obligations. Start your day off slowly and fill it with all of your favorite rejuvenating activities. Treat yourself to a spa day, complete with a facial and a massage. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers. Reconnect with nature and spend the afternoon journaling on the past year and the year that lies ahead. In the evening, light some candles, do a yoga and meditation class, and then unwind in a bath with essential oils and your favorite glass of wine. The best part is that the day is yours and yours alone to spend how you choose.