3 Ways To Strengthen Your Romantic Relationship

a man and woman on a scooter

Why are relationships so challenging sometimes? Shouldn’t love just be simple and easygoing? Look, relationships are hard work. Even in the best of relationships with the most self-aware, forgiving, and loving partners, you can still find yourself scratching your head about how you ended up in a troubled marriage. Are you plagued by worries of infidelity? There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of here. We all need help from time to time, and the fact that you’re even searching for ways to improve your relationship means that you care enough to make it better, so you will make it better. And we’re just here to help you smile a little more with your loved one.

There is no shame in getting a little professional help.

The days of keeping your trips to the therapist a secret are long gone. It used to be considered a social faux pas to talk about seeking professional help, but in these modern times, everyone has a therapist. Even therapists have therapists (Think of all the emotional weight they have to carry on a daily basis. Seriously, these people need a medal!). Seeking counseling for specific issues within your relationship may very well be the key to a long-lasting relationship, as long as all partners involved step into the session with an open heart, forgiveness, and empathy. You’re not going to ever get anywhere if you continue to play the blame game like Vince Vaughn in “The Breakup” whilst teetering on the brink of divorce. You can fix this! For some, a little infidelity may actually be what saves your relationship.

If your and your partner’s calendars are tight, online counseling over Zoom may be an excellent gateway to rekindling your love. Perhaps you have some extra vacation days to use up before the end of the year, then couples retreat therapy could be just what the doctor ordered to bring back the lost intimacy in your partnership. Couples retreats offer relationship experts and couples workshops to help you and your love get to a new place of understanding through professional counseling that is catered to your specific needs. This is the perfect opportunity to start anew.

Understand your partner’s love language.

Do you love telling your partner all of the wonderful things you adore about them, but they would rather cuddle than speak? There’s nothing to worry about: You just both have different love languages, that’s all! What is a love language, you ask? A love language is basically the way you want to show and receive love, and there are many different types of ways to show intimacy. Hop to this quiz to find out what yours is, and then come back … we’ll wait for you to finish.

Perhaps you are quite the talker. You want to tell your partner how much you adore them day in and day out. That’s a love language of words of affirmation. Now, let’s say your partner is more into quality time rather than chatting all day. That’s fine! You just both need to understand where each other is coming from. Or perhaps your language is giving and receiving gifts! Honestly, the best part about this is the gifts, right? If you find great joy in gifting your life partner Audemars Piguet watches every year on your anniversary, then you’re heading straight to many years of a loving and devoted marriage! (Don’t pretend you haven’t been eyeing the new edition white gold watch with the stainless steel bracket.)

Have fun together.

So many couples end up in a circular schedule, not allowing for any fun or spice. Sit down and plan a weekend getaway to Sedona or a tropical island. Or if you’re looking for something a little easier, snag your partner tickets to a romantic concert accompanied by a bottle of wine; play up your strengths here! Small offerings add up over time and can be the small missing pieces of an otherwise beautiful relationship. It really takes a village and years of experience, so don’t get discouraged!