Tips for Living on the Road: How to Make Your RV a Home

a small rv with a door open

Oh, the places you’ll go when living on the road! Becoming an RV owner is an exciting time in life. You’ll have the opportunity to travel from New York City to Los Angeles and back. While you’re running all around the United States, it’s important to have somewhere to return that feels like home. Here are a few things to consider to help transform your RV into a mobile oasis.

Protect Yourself


Nothing will make your recreational vehicle feel like home more than encountering some unexpected costs. It’s a good idea for both part-time and full-time RVers to work these into their budget. In the event of a breakdown, you may have to stay in a hotel while your vehicle goes to a repair facility. Sometimes a user error occurs, and you break something inside of your vehicle. Flat tires, oil changes, and generator oil changes are all additional considerations for your budget.

The only thing better than traveling in an RV is having the peace of mind that an extended warranty will grant you. While your insurance policy protects against damages that may occur in the event of an accident, an extended warranty with comprehensive coverage protects buyers from having to pay for normal wear and tear. Whether you drive a motorhome, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or a new or used RV, America’s RV Warranty plans to protect RVers from repair costs. Founded by warranty experts, these ARW plans cover all types of mechanical components, so you can get back on the open road as soon as possible (with the smallest possible dent in your wallet).

Shop Around


Take the time to research exactly which features you want in your RV, and then shop around. Don’t settle for anything less than a fair price on the perfect motorhome. How many beds are you looking for? How much seating? Do you want a full kitchen with a refrigerator and other cooking accessories, just like the one you have at home? And finally, the most important question of all: does your RV need to have a bathroom on board?

Sure, you can go shopping at a dealership. Or you could try a public auto auction. You’re more likely to find a used RV or salvage vehicle, so the cost will be much more affordable than buying a brand new RV. Because live auctions can be loud and overwhelming, you should first plan to attend one without any intention of buying. Get the feel for how they work, then show up to your next auction raring and ready to bid.

Give It Life


Get yourself a new plant to celebrate your new lifestyle. Liven up your living space with fresh flowers and house plants to really make your new RV feel like home. It feels good to have something to take care of, and in a smaller living space, you might find yourself at a loss for what to do. Rain or shine, you can cultivate your green thumb from the comfort of your camper.

You may have thought that gardening can only succeed in an outdoor greenhouse, but that isn’t the case. So many houseplants thrive indoors, such as snake plants, succulents, and Calathes. In the era of COVID-19, you can get live plants delivered to your door (or to your next pitstop) so that you never have to set foot in a nursery. Oftentimes when you order from a company for the first time, you’ll get free shipping and fast delivery. As the proud new owner of lively greenery, you’re bound to enjoy your RV more than ever. The best place to be is in your new RV.