The Ultimate Guide to Vacation Bible School for Toddlers

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Vacation Bible School (VBS) is synonymous with summer, making now the perfect time to start making plans for your child’s bible school if you’re a parent, organizer, or Sunday School teacher. VBS is a ministry outreach churches offer to teach children about God. It incorporates several themed activities designed to entertain children while introducing them to God.

Therefore, signing your toddlers up for this school is an excellent idea to grow their faith from a young age. Below is everything you should know about the school for toddlers.

Finding A Vacation Bible School


Many churches have their Vacation Bible School program to engage children throughout the summer. Therefore, you can check with your local church to see if it’s holding its own school. If your church isn’t organizing a vacation school this summer, you can ask the church secretary for a list of other churches in the area that are organizing one. Alternatively, you can see through newspapers, message boards, local magazines, and church websites for Vacation Bible School fees, dates, registration information, and other details.

Since the school is primarily an indoor affair, it’s prudent to ensure that your venue is as safe as possible if you’re an organizer. Consequently, keeping your space clutter-free and ensuring that your indoor air quality is top-notch should be a priority. Leading HVAC companies such as Gateway Mechanical will come in handy when seeking professionals to conduct a home air quality test.

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Themes Covered at the Bible School

The school revolves around exciting themes, so finding a great biblical theme for your Vacation Bible School is essential if you’re an organizer. Therefore, you can experiment with various themes, taking your children on an adventure as they delve into the lives of some heroes of faith.

Also, you can purchase interesting books like the Cokesbury VBS Knights of North Castle: Quest for the King’s Armor to engage children. This book invites children to be strong in the Lord as they take on the role of brave knights, beginning their quest each session after opening the King’s book. In addition, the children can explore New and Old Testament bible stories alike, discovering the Belt of Truth, Shield of Faith, Helmet of Salvation, Breastplate of Justice, and the Shoes of Peace at work in the lives of familiar Bible characters.

Encouraging Creativity

A significant aspect of these schools is that it offers a lot of extra time to unearth children’s creative potential. Therefore, numerous creative activities are on the to-do list of a typical VBS, including arts and crafts, puppet shows, character-building activities, skits, sports activities, and games. As such, it’s typical to find coloring pages, crosswords, mazes, and various print-outs that engage children during their summer VBS retreat.

Therefore, organizers can invest in as many games as possible to make their VBS exciting. Fortunately, you can consider Magna Tiles’ magnetic blocks as the perfect toy that awakens your toddler’s creative potential with the correct balance of fun and learning. These 2D shapes and 3D blocks help children master challenging topics with exciting experiments, engaging activities, and creative free play.

Benefits Of VBS


The many benefits of VBS undoubtedly make it worth considering to engage your toddler this summer. First of all, it’s the perfect opportunity for toddlers to experience camp without staying overnight. Additionally, children learn about religion through exciting, age-appropriate activities, building their faith from a young age.

Also, it’s a socializing opportunity for your toddler since they can meet new friends who share similar beliefs. In addition, the VBS experience teaches children long-lasting life lessons on being good people and great friends to others, contributing to their character formation.

Vacation Bible School is a great and meaningful way to engage children this summer. The points above are an ultimate guide on everything you should know concerning VBS for toddlers.