Everything You Need For the Best Summer Ever

a group of people sitting on the beach

After the chaos of 2020, there’s no better time than this summer to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. Whether that’s basking in the sand and surf or finally relieving that nagging neck pain, there are plenty of ways to do just that, whether you’re staying home or hitting the road. In any case, you can take a few simple steps to make this your greatest summer yet, whether you’re having fun in the sun to taking to the surf and shoreline.

Find ways to feel your best.


Can you expect to have the best summer of your life if you aren’t feeling your best along the way? For example, if you’ve got insistent back pain that you can’t seem to shake, research the most well-reviewed chiropractor Lone Tree, CO has to offer—a chiropractor’s talents will be unparalleled when it comes to relieving your neck or back pain. Alternatively, you might look into acupuncture to treat chronic migraines or headaches or talk to your doctor about your sciatica symptoms. You might just be surprised by how the smallest step towards better health and wellness can make you feel significantly better.

Plan a getaway.


Tired of spending summer in Lone Tree? Plan a trip to San Diego or another summertime hot spot to make the most of the season. Even if it’s only a day trip to somewhere sunny, you can have a great time in your chosen destination. Paddling a kayak across a nearby lake or testing your skills on a surfboard for the first time, there are countless opportunities for a bit of summer fun. Whether it’s a road trip or a seaside vacay, you can have your best summer your way. Can’t get away this year? Relish in your wanderlust a while and daydream about that bucket list destination you’d love to head to—it can inspire you nearly as much.

Soak up the sun. img

The Sheryl Crow soundtrack is optional but recommended. Whether you sign up for beginner’s surfing lessons or trade your wetsuit and surfboard for a bikini and your preferred SPF, find a way to get some vitamin D and enjoy the warm weather. Lying beneath a beach umbrella, wandering the boardwalk, or stretching out on the sand to catch some rays, there’s no wrong way to enjoy these highlights of summer, so long as you’re doing so safely.

Take the chance to relax.


Think back to your childhood for a moment—what were the highlights of your summer? For most, it was the beauty of summer vacation. No more homework, tests, or schoolwork for a glorious twelve weeks—just time to play outside or maybe even head off on a family vacation.

Today, you might not be free from responsibilities all summer long, but you can take a chance to unwind nevertheless. Take a Saturday afternoon nap or indulge in some guilty pleasure in place of cartoons come Sunday morning. Permit yourself to take a break. Start a yoga practice or start learning to meditate. However, you choose to relax and embrace your inner child, take this chance to do just that, guilt-free.

With a bit of sun, surf, relaxation, and a lot less tension; this summer can be the best one you’ve faced in a lifetime. Get outdoors, see your friends, and remember that life is short—the past year and a half has made that all too clear. However you imagine your best summer yet, you can make it happen with some thought and a few essentials—just take a deep breath, embrace the smell of the sea (even if it’s only in your mind) and be ready for the best summer of your life