Summer Travel Style: What to Wear Sightseeing

a hat and a purse

Whether you’re going on a Mississippi vacation or a trip to the West Coast this summer, your fashion choices are a staple of your character, and what you wear can define the type of fun things you’ll be doing. Summer is the season to have fun in the sun, and you should dress for the occasion.

Here are some ideas on what to wear when sightseeing during your summer vacation.



When choosing a top, you want to make sure it’s breezy enough for the wind to flow through to your skin. You also want to wear light colors so they don’t absorb as much of the heat from the sun as darker colored clothes. As for the style, you’ll want to choose sundresses or lightweight cotton shirts that have a relaxed fit. You could also opt for tank tops and a long cardigan that’s breathable for windy summer days and walks on the beach.


When it comes to bottoms, there are many options as well. You could wear denim shorts or floral skirts for a more casual look or even yoga pants or girlfriend jeans for more comfortable walks through vineyards or downtown. With Chico’s girlfriend jeans, you’ll say goodbye to discomfort and hello to your hips’ and waist’s natural and curvy silhouette. These denim jeans are the new boyfriend jeans. Be sure to check out their limited-time offer details and free shipping.



There are many options you can choose from when deciding on the shoes you’ll wear this summer. You can opt for comfortable sandals that are made for walking long distances and that will show off your beautiful feet. Additionally, you can wear closed shoes to protect them from dirt, water, and any dangerous and sharp object you may step on during your nature trail hike. You could even wear water shoes if you’re sightseeing deep within the mountains where you’ll hop across rivers and lakes.


The right accessories will complete your look. For your summer sightseeing adventures, you could choose to wear sunglasses, lightweight scarves as fashion statements, and even a floppy straw hat. You can also choose to take a tote or small handbag to store your belongings—a cute backpack can also make for a super cute summer accessory.



As for jewelry, you can wear tassel drop earrings as well as summer-themed studs. Also, you can wear a dainty watch that matches your clothes, rings, and necklaces, so you’ll always arrive on time for your next attraction. You can also opt for bead earrings for an instant boho style.


Depending on your type of hair and length, you can pretty much do anything to it. You can do messy buns that will go with almost any outfit. You can also do some space buns to have a funkier and more playful look. If you’re out on the town, leaving your hair down is just fine as well—just be sure to pack some scrunchies in case the wind decides to surprise you. Additionally, you can go for a braided look that will look fabulous with any outfit.



Lastly, you want to choose a perfume or body splash that pulls your outfit together. You can choose fragrances like citrus

for a fresher scent or flowery for a more subtle yet pleasant aroma. For an even more summer smell, opt for a coconut splash that’s perfect for a beach getaway. For a tourist attraction in the countryside, pair your outfit with a sweet yet earthy fragrance such as jasmine, vanilla, or honey.

Be sure to follow these tips today to fully prepare your style for your upcoming summer vacation.