Fun Wellness Activities to Bring the Office Together

people working in an office

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken an emotional and mental toll on many workforces. The best way for employers to help remote workers combat the mental and physical health effects of social distancing is to practice team wellness activities. Work relationships are necessary to create a positive work environment and employee wellness.

Team building activities help your workers unwind, destress, and have fun. While remote work settings make it difficult to interact, there are plenty of wellness activities you can get your remote workers to engage in.

Online Group Workouts


Office environments are already sedentary places, and working from home doesn’t help. A great way to encourage your workers to get and up move is to host online group workouts. Create a recurring calendar invite with a Zoom video link so you and your workers can work out together.

Employee wellness programs are becoming a must-have perk for job seekers. Sites like offer fun and interesting wellness activities and wellness challenges that encourage healthy habits across the workforce. A great way to encourage physical activity is to host walking or step challenges. Healthy habits challenges include drinking enough water, taking the stairs, and getting sufficient sleep. New hire and nutrition challenges help workers bond, and sustainability challenges encourage eco-consciousness. Mindfulness challenges help promote mental health and help workers manage stress and burnout.

Virtual Fitness Challenge


Hosting virtual fitness challenges is a fun alternative to online fitness classes. You can encourage workers to adopt a healthier lifestyle by setting daily walk or cardio goals. Workers can log their progress daily and at the end of the challenge time period, you can give a prize to the teammates who complete the challenge.

Virtual Wellness Retreats


Wellness retreats are a great way to bring teammates together for health-focused events. Several virtual wellness retreat ideas help workers lead healthy lives. Wellness ideas include yoga and fitness sessions, nutritionist consultations, cooking classes, goal-setting sessions, relationship counseling, and self-compassion exercises. Virtual retreats teach valuable skills, self-care, healthy habits, and social connections.

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Water Drinking Challenge


A fun wellness idea for your remote workforce is a water drinking challenge. It’s easy to forget to drink enough water throughout the day when working alone from home. Adults should drink eight cups of water a day. Start a water drinking challenge to ensure your remote workforce is sufficiently hydrated. Have your workers log how much water they drink daily and create a dedicated Slack channel where you can interact and check in with each other.

Midday Meditation


It can be hard for remote teammates to focus when working from home. Without the ability to socialize in the break room it can be hard to destress. A great way to promote mental health among your workers is to encourage midday mediation breaks. You can have employees take turns guiding meditation, have them watch a video together, or use a mediation app.

Healthy Cooking Club


Working from home can be dangerous on the waistline when the kitchen is easy to access. Your workers may not eat the most nutritious meals while working. Starting a healthy cooking club can encourage your workers to eat more balanced diets. Swap recipes for healthy snacks, beverages, and meals and encourage everyone to share photos or videos of their finished dishes.

There are plenty of different ways you can encourage your workers to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle while working from home. These are just some of the many wellness ideas that encourage remote socialization and help your team stay healthy at home.